Precision BioLogic Inc., specialized in the production of innovative products across a range of plasmas and frozen reagents.
Distribution: France, Benelux, Spain

ISO PBI_13485:2003 certificate
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HTI has an extensive line of products including purified plasma proteins, substrates and inhibitors, sample collection/anticoagulant tubes, antibodies and coagulation factor deficient plasmas.
Distribution: France, Spain

ISO HTI_9001:2015 certificate
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Technoclone‘s mission is to provide our customers with quality test systems for in vitro diagnostics with special emphasis on the area of Thrombosis and Cardio-vascular diseases.
Distribution: France

ISO 13485:2003 Technoclone certificate
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Cryopep is a manufacturer and a distributor of products in thrombosis, hemostasis research and diagnostics.

Our research products include an extensive line of chromogenic and fluorogenic substrates, inhibitors, venom proteases, a line of complete ELISA kits.

Apart from its know-how and its innovation, the company Cryopep designs and develops new diagnostic tools for the investigation of the diseases haemostasis, thrombosis and autoimmunity.

ISO CRYOPEP_9001:2008 certificate
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By providing methods and reagents Rossix assists the academic and industrial scientists to set up the appropriate testing methods needed in order to better understand haemostatic disorders, design and evaluate drug candidates, control and evaluate bio-pharmaceutical production.
Distribution: France, Benelux, Spain

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Akers Biosciences, Inc. develops, manufactures, and supplies rapid, point-of-care screening and testing products that deliver health-related information directly to individuals or their treating clinicians.
Distribution: France, Benelux

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Ferrer inCode focuses on cardiovascular diseases, nutrition, cancer and the central nervous system in marketing the best solutions for molecular diagnosis and personalized medicine.
Distribution: France, Benelux

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