Product derived from Bothrops atrox venom in lyophilized form.

MW(Da) : 43 000 Due to its specification on fibrinogen (cleaves alpha chain) and its ability to clot platelet-rich plasma without affecting the integrity and functions of platelets, and thanks to its insensitivity to thrombin inhibitors, batroxobin has found several applications as a tool in blood coagulation research and diagnosis. Batroxobin can be used to determine fibrinogen in plasma, to measure the batroxobin clotting time (Reptilase® time) as a heparin-insensitive parallel to the thrombin time, to investigate dysfibrinogenemias, and to test the contractile system of platelets. Furthermore, batroxobin is used for defibrinogenation of plasma.

Reference 6-VEN-BATRO-50 
Presentation Vial 
Packaging 50 µg 
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