Protac® 3U


Product derived from Agkistrodon venom contortrix in freeze-dried form.

MW (Da): 36,000 to 42,000

CAS: 103469-93-8
The Protac®, a single-chain glycoprotein, is a fast-acting activator of protein C, isolated from the venom of the copper-headed snake Agkistrodon contortrix. It rapidly converts human C protein and other vertebrates into activated C protein that can be determined, either by measuring its effect on the extension of an activated cephalin time (TCA) by measuring its enzymatic activity using a specific chromogenic substrate. Protac is therefore used to determine the levels of C protein and S protein in plasma.

Reference 8-113-01 
Presentation Vial 
Packaging 1 x 3 U 
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