CRYOcheck™ Reference Control Normal

Fresh frozen plasmas

Ready-to-use normal control plasma for measuring the accuracy of quantitative hemostasis assays.

This specialized quality control is titrated for normal values around 100%. Titrated for the following parameters: Fibrinogen, Factor II, Factor V, Factor VII, Factor VIII, Factor VIII (Chromogenic and Clotting), Factor IX, Factor X, Factor XI, Factor XII, Factor XIII, Prekallikrein, VWF : Ag, VWF : Ristocetin Cof., Plasmin Inhibitor, PS activity, Free PS and total Ag, AT activity and AT Ag, PC activity and PC Ag, Plasminogen.

Reference PresentationPackaging  
RCN-05Kit25 x 0.5 mL
RCN-10Kit25 x 1.0 mL

The Safety Data Sheets and Notices are accessible to our registered customers.