Cat Num. ConditioningPackage size  
10-TIC-RTPCR-166 vials12 x 16 patients
10-TIC-RTPCR-16PPlate prefilled12 x 16 patients
Thrombo inCode test kit is and IVD-CE marked kit for the simultaneous allele determination of 12 variants in 7 genes (PT, FV, FXII, FXIII, ABO, Serpin A10, and Serpin C1) associated with thrombosis in genomic DNA, extracted from either saliva or blood samples.
Thrombo inCode integrates and automates the detection of 12 genetic factors of risk partners to thromboembolism, in a simple, rapid, reproducible and applicable to a great number of samples, and that improves the preventive strategy in patients and relatives with risk to suffering thromboembolic events.

Kit contents:

  • Thrombo inCode TM Kit – 6 vials
  • 1 vial of positive control
  • User manual
Features & benefits
Thrombo inCode is the first IVD-CE commercial tool that integrates and automates in a single kit the detection of the most relevant genetic risk variants that significantly enhances our predictive capacity and will improve the prevention strategy for patients (and their relatives) who are at risk of developing thromboembolic events and also the diagnosis and the treatment of the thromboembolic disease. Thrombo inCode obtained the third award of Eurothrombosis 2011 to the best communication of the Group of Thrombosis of the European Company of Cardiology.
Test time: 2h30 Method validated on following platforms:
  • Applied Biosystems 7500 et 7500 Fast
  • Bio-Rad CFX96
  • Roche Lightcycler 480
Thrombo inCode is a DNA-chip, of high quality (Sensitivity and specificity of 100 %) that allows the analysis of the presence of the variants included in a rapid, reproducible and reliable manner. Thrombo inCode is offered to the physician as a kit (DNA-Chip) or as a service of Personalized Medicine, which includes a report with recommendations, from an algorithm that integrates the genetic and clinical information of the patient. This service is offered by Ferrer inCode through a web site and is addressed to the physician.
Thrombo inCode improves significantly the prediction of the risk of thrombosis, detecting 51.6 % of persons who presented a thromboembolic event and by means of the analysis of the FV Leiden and Protrombin did not have genetic risk. The aim of the study was to determine if the set of genetic variants included in Thrombo inCode improves the capacity of prediction of thrombosis opposite to FV Leiden and Protrombin.