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Plasma based functional assay for the determination of Factor Xa and factor IIa inhibitors.
PiCT® relies on the activation of plasma directly at the level of the pro-thrombinase complex, resulting in a fine-tuned analytical output directly linked to antithrombotic drug content. RVV-V (a specific FV activator from Daboia russelli) activates FV. In the presence of added phospholipids (mimicking platelet membranes or other negatively charged surfaces), a defined amount of FXa and calcium is added and the prothrombinase is rapidly formed. Due to the FV preactivation by means of RVV-V prothrombinase formation becomes solely dependent on the activity of FXa and FIIa in the sample.

Kit contents:

  • 3 vials of PiCT Activator (2mL)
  • 3 vials of PiCT Start Reagent (2 mL)
  • Meaningful: Due to its remarkable test to test consistency, Pentapharm‘s patented PiCT® technology represents a trulyre liable functional test
  • Universal: PiCT® has been proven useful for efficient monitoring of heparins, heparinoids, direct FXa and direct thrombin inhibitors.
  • Simple: PiCT® can be adapted to any standard instrumentation
  • Efficient monitoring and measurement using one functional assay sensitive to factor Xa and thrombin inhibitors
  • Easy to use and automatable clotting assay
Traditional coagulation tests such as aPTT, PT, ECT, TT or anti-Xa assays are of limited use for the monitoring of antithrombotic drugs since different assays are required for monitoring of different anticoagulants.
The most commonly used test, aPTT, broadly used to monitor heparin, lacks consistency, results varying with reagent, instrument and drug.
Chromogenic assays represent the gold standard in most cases, but require special instrumentation.
A universal test adaptable to standard instruments would simplify monitoring antithrombotic therapy and minimize investment to the hemostasis lab by eliminating the need for adopting new tests as new antithrombotic drugs enter the market.