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Human Fibronectin

(1 mL H₂O)

550 00014with 20 mM HEPES; 150 mM NaCl; pH 7.42 mg


A cofactor is a chemical compound that is required for the protein’s biological activity. These proteins are commonly enzymes, and cofactors can be considered «helper molecules» that assist in biochemical transformations.


All proteins are accompanied by product information sheets which describe proper storage conditions. Many of our preparations are formulated in 50 % (vol/vol) glycerol/H₂O which will remain in fluid phase during storage at -20° C. This preferred method of storage yields the greatest stability while still allowing access to the stock sample without repeated thawing and freezing steps.
All products which are formulated with glycerol/H₂O should be stored at -20° C.
Temperatures lower than -30° C should be avoided in order to prevent a phase transition.
When preparing to make a dilution of the stock sample, remove the sample from storage at -20° C and place on ice for a brief period of time (5-10 min). The sample will become less viscous and thus easier to pipette.
Never allow protein solutions to remain at room temperature for excessive periods of time.


The vast majority of cofactors is pure (without additives) with > 95 % purity SDS-PAGE.
Expiration date of one year from delivery
Delivery in large quantities
Discount according to quantities