T-TAS® 01




Microfluidic chip system (AR, PL and HD Chip) to quantify the thrombus formation process under total blood flow conditions.

The T-TAS® 01 (Total Thrombus formation analysis system) provides a real-time, comprehensive, ex vivo assessment of blood haemostatic capacity.
It is composed of a portable instrument, a dedicated computer and a chip integrating chambers of flow covered with either collagen (PL Chip) to evaluate the primary hemostatic capacity (case of antiplatelet therapies or congenital platelet disorders),
a mixture of collagen and thromboplastin to assess primary and secondary hemostatic capacity (risk of bleeding) when platelet count is normal (AR Chip) or (HD Chip) if platelets are between 10,000 and 90,000/µL of blood to assess the risk of bleeding for thrombocytopenia and platelet transfusions.

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Reference 25-18001 
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