Prothrombin activator (echarin)

Product derived from Echis carinatus venom in frozen form.

MW(Da) : 56 000 Metalendo-peptidase, single chain, Prothrombin activator, Cleavage of Arg323-Ile324 bond in prothrombin to form meizothrombin. The use of the measurement of the coagulation time by ecarin allows the biological monitoring of the anticoagulant by hirudin. The meizothrombin can then bind stoichiometrically to the hirudin to be assayed. Coagulation only takes place when all of the hirudin is bound to meizothrombin.

Reference PresentationPackaging  
9-ECVVII-2011Vial100 µg
9-ECVVII-2011-1Vial1 mg

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