We offer medical analysis laboratories an innovative concept through a range of frozen ready to use plasmas and reagents in a quality that has never been equalled and comparable to that of plasmas from healthy donors. This quality is achieved by selecting our raw materials to the highest standard, then offering them in a frozen format without additives. This solution makes it possible to eliminate the lyophilization steps, and hence the resultant deterioration, whilst at the same time improving the pre-analysis by avoiding reconstitution errors.
We have also been careful to offer a range of lyophilised plasmas and reagents, which, in terms of their presentation and quality, will make an additional contribution to the frozen products marketed.


Practical packaging materials with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 4 ml using over 90% of the product (very little dead volume).

Time saving

Our products may be used after being thawed for 5 minutes at 37°C: this is a time saving of 25 minutes over the reconstitution of a lyophilized reagent, which requires 30 minutes of stabilisation.

Quality assurance

Our products are ready to use, thus eliminating the risks of error associated with reconstitution.
They are CE and FDA marked and comply with the standard ISO 13485.


Our plasmas are collected by plasmapheresis. They are not subjected to lyophilization and there is therefore no deterioration in their intrinsic qualities. Nor is any additive present in our products.