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The full range of antibody is directed against the coagulation factors. Most antibodies are made ​​in glycerol / water solution 50% / 50% which remains liquid at -20 ° C while allowing perfect preservation. This avoids the problems associated with freeze-thaw cycles and / or freeze. The vast majority of antibodies is pure (no additives). The antibodies can be conjugated to the client’s request with peroxidase HRP, biotin or FITC (fluorescein isothiocyanate). All references exist in higher packaging with volume discounts.

Reagents (antigen recognized) State Catalog Number Format
purity > 95 % by SDS PAGE
Human Prothrombin frozen 9-PAHFII-S 1 mg
Human Prothrombin Frozen 9-PAHFII-BU 1 mg
Murine Prothrombin Frozen 9-PAMFII-S 1 mg
Human Thrombin Frozen 9-PAHT-S 1 mg
Human Factor V Frozen 9-PAHFV-S 1 mg
Bovine Factor V Frozen 9-PABFV-S 1 mg
Human Factor V Frozen 9-PAHFV-H 1 mg
Human Factor Va Frozen 9-PAHFVA-S 1 mg
Human Factor VII Frozen 9-PAHFVII-S 1 mg
Human Factor VIIa Frozen 9-PAHFVIIARAB 1 mg
Human Factor VIII Frozen 9-PAHFVIII-S 1 mg
Human Factor IX Frozen 9-PAHFIX-S 1 mg
Human Factor IX Frozen 9-PAHFIX-C 1 mg
Rat Factor IX Frozen 9-PARFIX-S 1 mg
Human Factor X Frozen 9-PAHFX-S 1 mg
Murine Factor X Frozen 9-PAMFX-S 1 mg
Murine Factor X (immuno-adsorbed) Frozen 9-PAMFX-SIA 1 mg
Human Factor XI Frozen 9-PAHFXI-S 1 mg
Human Factor XII Frozen 9-PAHFXII-S 1 mg
Human Factor XIII Frozen 9-PAHFXIII-S 1 mg
Human Protein C Frozen 9-PAHPC-S 1 mg
Human Protein C Frozen 9-PAHPC-C 1 mg
Human Protein C Frozen 9-PAHPC-H 1 mg
Murine Protein C Frozen 9-PAMPC-S 1 mg
Human Protein S Frozen 9-PAHPS-S 1 mg
Human Plasminogen Frozen 9-PAHPG-S 1 mg
Murine Plasminogen Frozen 9-PAMPG-S 1 mg
Human antithrombin Frozen 9-PAHAT-S 1 mg
Murine antithrombin Frozen 9-PAMAT-S 1 mg
Human Heparin Cofactor II Frozen 9-PAHCII-S 1 mg
Human TAFI Frozen 9-PATAFI-S 1 mg
Human Tissue Factor Frozen 9-PAHTF-S 1 mg
Anti TFPI Frozen 9-PAHTFPI-S 1 mg
Human vwF Frozen 9-PAHVWF-S 1 mg
Human Protein Z Frozen 9-PAHPZ-S 1 mg
Porc Fibrinogen Frozen 9-PAPFGN-S 1 mg
Anti t-PA Lyophilised 4-TC31004 1 mg
Anti t-PA Lyophilised 4-TC31005 5 mg
Anti u-PA Lyophilised 4-TC31014 1 mg
Anti u-PA Lyophilised 4-TC31015 5 mg
Anti PAI-1 Lyophilised 4-TC31024 1 mg
Anti PAI-1 Lyophilised 4-TC31025 5 mg
Anti Vitronectin Lyophilised 4-TC31054 1 mg
Reagents State Catalog Number Format
Affinity Purified IgG Fractions
Human prothrombine frozen 9-PAHFII-SAP 100 μg
Human Factor IX Frozen 9-PAHFIX-SAP 100 μg
Human Factor XI frozen 9-PAHFXI-SAP 100 μg

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